Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catholicism at the Tipping Point

As most people have probably heard by now, some 54% of Catholics voted for Obama. And many of us have very solid "pro-life" reasons for doing so. But the Catholic hierarchy and the reactionaries among them envision being "pro-life" in a narrow and singular fashion: "anti-abortion." Do they not realize that more innocent, already-born children die of malnutrition and preventable diseases that come with poverty? Do they not know that more innocent already-born children die of the secondary consequences of warfare? Where is the consistency and urgency in protecting these lives? Where is the outrage and the threats of eternal condemnation for those Catholics who vote for candidates who perpetuate unjust warfare, who support capital punishment, who embrace torture?

Sheesh! I've just about had enough of these self-righteous moralizers who circle the wagons around pedophile priests and who turn a blind eye towards the Church's social justice teachings.

Crap like this and this is enough to make me want to simply leave the Church. Feh!

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Anonymous said...

i was waiting for you to post about roy bourgeois! it's sickening. doesn't the catholic church have better things to do with it's time? looks like opus dei has been polishing benedict's red shoes again lately!