Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And As It Ends, So It Begins

President-elect Barack Obama.

Powerful, profound moment.

I am so grateful to be alive and to have had the chance to participate in this moment.

I am also so full of emotion right now that I can hardly think.

When the dust settles, we all of us end up in our own little corners of our world, our homes, feeling a bit small and insignificant in the end, carving out a silent space to absorb the full impact and meaning of it all.

It is almost too much to bear.

God bless this great country of ours.


Eric said...

Congrats on the victory, Huck.

I don't know what it feels like to have a politician who you are really excited about actually win out, but it has to be pretty gratifying.

I too am filled with much emotion this evening, but it is of a very different stripe than the emotion you are likely feeling!

Don_cos said...

Congratulations Huck.

As you know, I am not thrilled about Obama, but he is about to become my president. If he leads well I will support him, if not I will voice my objections.

I pray that you are correct and that he will be good for this country.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Hey Chuck'Mon,
Been busy raising hell, but just wanted to drop by and say...

Thanks you very much,

bsbtw- i have a fetish of late noting those little scrambleworded thingies bent to fool the automate commentata... and jotting them down when they seem sorta, errah, odd.
Yours today is "ovesinge"...
if it ever turns up again you let me know --then we can talk of blog'surveillance. HA!
I don'know you'toll me... :)