Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Louisiana Ward 14 / Precinct 25 Stats

This is my Ward/Precinct. Some data:

Total Registered Voters as of 11/2/08: 545

Breakdown by race:
White: 231
Black: 279
Other: 35

Breakdown by Party:
Democrat: 340
Republican: 89
Other/Independent: 116

Number of Registered voters who had already voted by the time I got there at 8:15am: 89

Percent of Registered voters who had already cast a ballot as of 8:15am: 16.33%

This doesn't include the number of early voters.

What this means for the election:

McCain = Toast; Obama = President

Louisiana For Obama! Yes, We Can!


Anonymous said...

Where did you get these stats?

Huck said...

The basic demographic data came from the Louisiana Sec of State's elections website. Even though I shouldn't have been, I was amazed and impressed that this was there. It is public information, after all, based on voter registration forms.

The other data about my precinct's turnout numbers and percentages came from my own observation. When I got to my polling place, the volunteers there were maintaining a secondary checklist list of voters who had come through to vote (which they are required to do by law), and they were up to number 89 when I voted. So, I just did the math from there.