Monday, May 12, 2008

Where's the NOLA Blogosphere on the Immigration Bills?

I have to say that I have been a bit surprised that the NOLA blogosphere has been very quiet about the immigration bills working their way through the Louisiana legislature. It's no secret that it has been my own little personal crusade to kill HB 25, HB 1357, and HB 1358, and so perhaps I am a bit over-excited about the issue. Maybe others just don't get all that worked up about it like I do. But it seems so clear to me that these bills are such an egregious affront to basic human decency that I cannot fathom that the NOLA blogosphere, as progressive as it tends to be, would be dispassionately apathetic on the issue. And though I probably am over-reacting, it has caused me to wonder if there is more implicit and unspoken support for these bills, even among progressives, than I would have imagined. I haven't had the time to check the status on these bills, but I plan to do so right after I make this posting. And if there has been any movement up at the Capitol, I'll post an update accordingly.

But, please, NOLA blogger progressives, can someone tell me that I'm not tilting at windmills here?

UPDATE: Monday, May 12, 2008, 9:27PM: I just checked the status of the bills on the Louisiana House of Representatives website, and it appears that HB 1357 and HB 1358 are still awaiting debate on the House Floor, which is scheduled for tomorrow. HB 25, which requires local law enforcement to verify immigration status upon arrest, apparently was considered on the House Floor today and the result was the following: "Read by title, rules suspended, action deferred." I have no idea what this means, but I'll take the fact that it hasn't passed yet as a good sign and consider that "action deferred" is a positive development.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been busy!

I wouldn't exactly call myself a progressive, but you're on the right track. This thing is reprehensible.

Huck said...

Thanks, celcus - Yeah, I know people get busy. I can relate. But you know how it is ... when you are so personally invested in something, you want others not only to come along for the ride and feel the same way, but to do as much, too. That's a lot to expect; but I just couldn't help but to wonder! Thanks for the comment and the reassurance.

Leigh C. said...

Oh, crud, Huck, this is important. I shoulda put it in my list of unnatural disasters in my post today.

And I do feel that way you talked about - in my case, with regards to the schools. Sometimes you do wonder who's reading this stuff.

People are. Really.

E said...

I've just caught up on what you've been doing over here. Good shit. It's tough to be everywhere at once but I wish I'd been as on top of those immigration bills (and what our state reps are up to) as you are.

There was a heartbreaking NPR report today about Mississippi's new 5 year felony for using false documents to get a job. "self deportation"

GentillyGirl said...

Huck, I'll get to speed on this right away. Been way too busy getting the house ready and fighting some battles for my little tribe.