Saturday, May 03, 2008


Ashley Morris would have had a field day with this little exchange between National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez (K-Lo) and Jonah Goldberg. Actually, K-Lo starts off the dialogue with a seemingly respectable sentiment about New Orleans. She writes:

One of the Biggest Mistakes the GOP has Made this Cycle [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
The Republican convention should be in New Orleans this year. We thought so. I still do, listening to Jindal. This is conservatism's future.
05/02 02:10 PM
Putting aside the fact that she seems to want to support New Orleans only to the extent that it furthers her conservative partisan interests, one might find her seeming desire to do something positive for New Orleans as admirable. Goldberg posted in response:
New Orleans in August? [Jonah Goldberg]
Hmmm, I dunno Kathryn. I was at the last GOP convention in N.O. in 1988. The two most enduring adjectives: Hot & Moist.
05/02 02:32 PM
Then we get this asinine reply from K-Lo, a reply which exposes how little she really cares for New Orleans beyond what it can do for her cherished conservatism's future:
re: New Orleans in August? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
There is actually air conditioning there now again.
05/02 02:57 PM
Yeah, K-Lo, why don't you make a trip to that backwards, third-world cesspool known as New Orleans because it'll assuage your guilt for having supported a leader whose sorry performance in the wake of Katrina cost real human lives. Keep your sorry conservative selves in your sorry conservative cocoons in your sorry conservative Washington, DC, bunkers. We don't need your friggin' faux pity, your detestable "compassionate" conservatism, and your sickening partisan condescension. You ain't welcome here.

UPDATE: Sunday, May 4, 2008, 11:08AM: In keeping with my intent to keep this blog's language as clean as possible, this post was edited to remove some profane language references and inferences. I got a little carried away; but it's fixed now.

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