Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Did Hillary Just Slip Us A Hint About The End of Her Candidacy?

Was it just me, or did anyone else pick up on this, too? In her Indiana "victory" speech, Clinton declared that, no matter what happened in the primary, she would support the eventual Democratic candidate. Now my question is: what candidate ever talks in the third person about supporting him or herself? Sure, we all know what she meant to say; but it seemed to me that we witnessed a bit of an uncharacteristic rhetorical slip here that reveals some recognition in Hillary's deepest psyche of the writing on the wall auguring the end of her campaign. By my read, Hillary, in an unguarded moment, let recognition of the inevitability of an Obama nomination sneak out in her comment. Think about it: only candidates who recognize defeat speak in the third person of supporting the eventual nominee. In other words, about a nominee who is presumably not the person making such a promise of support.

Obama, by contrast, talks like a winner does. He speaks in general terms when he says that the Democratic Party will be united against McCain come November. His rhetoric is more that of one not only assuaging the fears of his followers about whether Hillary's supporters will get on board with his candidacy against McCain, but also trying to reach out to Hillary's supporters in such a was so as to make his campaign a welcoming place for them.

I think we're seeing a little bit of a crack in the Clinton armor here. Hillary Clinton may be obsessed with putting on the happy face and desperately trying not to admit the inescapable truth of the end of her candidacy, but any sentient and intelligent human being, even the clinically blinded-to-reality ones, can't keep up pretenses all the time. Sure, Hillary Clinton's exhaustion probably allowed for this unguarded comment to slip out, but it still shows nonetheless that she's positioning herself as the second place supporter of Barack Obama's certain nomination.


D-BB said...

Yeah, she said that but she said that weeks ago. Uh, did you really expect her to announce that she would support McCain...even tho after what the Demos did to her, I think we know who she will actually vote for.

Huck said...

What I'm getting at, D-BB, is not that she wouldn't support anyone but the Democratic nominee, but that the way she made the comment indicated a kind of recognition and resignation that Barack will be that Democratic nominee and not herself. And what did the Demos do to her compared to what she did to Obama? She's a one-person rightwing attack machine against Obama.

D-BB said...

Huh? Hillary?????? Right Wing attacks?????

Holy f***ing Barry Goldwater Bat Man!! As for back stabbing, let's start with that fat drunk who brought a whole new meaning to the phrase, "ditching a girlfriend"...then Bill's good buddy, Bill Richardson. They are just a few who obviously have some sort of plan to sabotage this election allowing McCain a cakewalk to the White House.

I haven't figured out what's going on but dude, I cannot take another 4 years of what we got. And Obama as the nominee assures that's what we are in for.