Monday, May 19, 2008

Sitemeter Stats

The wonders of Sitemeter are such that they allow you to get a glimpse into who peruses your blog. It's not a complete picture, mind you, but it's revealing enough. I don't get very many visitors, so it's relatively easy for me to keep up with who drops by, how long they stay plugged in to The Huck Upchuck, and how many pages they view.

Here's a brief rundown of what I have noticed via Sitemeter's stats for my blog over the past few days. I had someone yesterday visit my blog for over 30 minutes and who had over 25 page views. The entry page for this person was my recent posting on Tim Burns, and the exit page for this person was my Blogger profile. That's pretty incredible and tells me that someone got really interested not only in my most recent posts, but also in me personally and in some of my archived stuff. I'm not complaining, since I sometimes get curious about personal Blogger profiles and sitemeter stats from other blogs and check them out myself. I'm just saying ...

And this morning, I noticed a visit from an official domain, with an IP address coming out of the State of Louisiana Office of Telecommunications. This person's entry page was my recent posting on Tim Burns and his/her exit page was my posting on my Walker Hines "mea culpa."

On the one hand, I'm pleased that some folks in government are paying attention. On the other hand, I have to admit to being a bit creeped out at the whole "Big Brother Is Watching" thing, too.

I'm not going anywhere in particular with this posting, just wanted to note what I'm seeing is all.


bayoustjohndavid said...

The Metairie person was probably me. For a variety of reasons, I've only spent a few nights at my own house over the last six or seven weeks. I also hadn't visited your blog much towards the end of that period, and I wanted to see if you had already made a point before I brought it up in a comment.

For whatever reason, I signed up with statcounter, don't know if there's any real difference between. Other than checking every few days to make sure that at least a few people read, I rarely paid much attention to it. Your post inspired me to look at some of the other details. I've noticed that somebody from a company that may do business with the city, or may have lost out on contracts, has been looking at my site almost every day.

Huck said...

bayoustjohndavid - Actually, I pretty much figured out who the person is from Metairie. And it wasn't you. It was a friend. I know because of other stats from sitemeter that I didn't mention in my posting. But it is revealing whe you check into the details, isn't it? Most folks who visit blogs don't know that they aren't as anonymous as they think they are. This can be a shocking revelation to some, but it does keep the blogosophere a bit more transparent, which I think can only be a good thing.