Monday, September 27, 2010

The Saints Lose

And they deserved to. Sure, everyone plays at the top of their game when facing last year's champs; but there were so many player mistakes, poor coaching decisions, and all around lethargy, that the Saints were fortunate even to have had the chance to win the game in overtime.

Forget Garrett Hartley's missed chip shot field goal in overtime. I don't blame him. These guys miss a few now and then. What I can't understand is the decision made by Sean Payton to actually kick a field goal on first down at the Atlanta 10 yard line. I've never understood the willingness to give up the momentum and three whole downs to try to punch the ball in for a sure score. It's a sign of a lack of confidence in the offense. What is there to fear besides a turnover, which is as likely to happen as a missed field goal? And if you go three downs and don't get the TD, you still have the exact same chance to win it with a field goal on 4th down. Just a poor coaching decision, if you ask me.

Oh well ... at least now the hyper-Who Dat-ism can dissipate and we can go back to a more regular, normal life here in New Orleans.

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