Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Legacy of Breitbart

Check out this surreal story:

I sat there watching this interview and could not believe that this was actually real. Is it really true that an Assistant Attorney General would be able to get away with this and still retain his job as someone ostensibly charged with the fair representation of the rights of all citizens in his state? And the Attorney General is not firing this guy? What gives? Here we have a public sector employee, someone who works in the Attorney General's office, essentially engaging in stalking, harassment, and all kinds of other egregious and legally-questionable behavior. Under different circumstances (say similar targeting an individual behavior based on racial or sexual characteristics), I could actually see this Assistant AG charged with investigating and prosecuting exactly the kind of stalking and harassment that the Assistant AG himself is engaged in. More and more, we see the fruits of what passes for Christian conservatism these days as it creeps into the halls of political power.


eric said...

Christians have a right to protest homosexuality and its wider acceptance in society, which their religion unequivocally regards as sinful. I don't agree with them on this. I wish they'd focus on some of the Biblical sins that are doing much worse harm to our society. I can't deny that this clip leaves me with a desire to see this creep crying over a bloody nose, but nothing he says here has any bearing on his ability to do his job as an Asst. Attorney General. As offensive as I find him, people who supported Obamacare and TARP are more bothersome to me personally, but I'm not calling for them to be fired from their jobs.

Ricardo said...

This is the inception of Christian Taliban's Shariah Law. The Attorney General, My Cocks (how appropriate) is beholden to Christian Teabaggers who elected him and Pee Wee Shirvell is let loose to do their bidding.
The "political campaign" crap is just that.
In light of the rash of suicides due to bullying that were publicized this week these wackos need to be stopped.

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