Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Puritannical Christine O'Donnell Dabbles in Witchcraft

I thought it was bad enough that this woman has been a moral crusader against masturbation and thinks that lying under any circumstances is morally wrong, even to protect a Jew from the Nazis; but now we hear from her own mouth that she dabbled in some witchcraft. Yeah, that's gonna sit well with her Christianist supporters! What the Tea Party is producing in terms of Senate Candidates gets weirder and weirder. Although I watch with some degree of horror at these unfolding events, I must also admit to a kind of morbid curiosity to see what government would be like with these wackos in office.

I think that this November will witness some GOP gains in the House and Senate, just because of the mood of the country and the struggling economy; but I'm really beginning to think that when we wake up on the day after election day, we're going to witness much less of a conservative takeover than the pundits are now predicting.

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