Thursday, September 09, 2010

Geaux Saints!

Well, the Saints just defeated the Vikings in the heralded rematch opening game of the season. This puts the Saints one game ahead of the Vikings and keeps the Saints undefeated!

In spite of my strong Who Dat credentials, I have to say that the whole hullabaloo leading up to this game has been intolerably excessive. I was dumbfounded that the New Orleans public schools let school out early today in preparation for the game tonight. Both my kids came home from school today with absolutely no homework because their teachers didn't want to distract them from the Saints game by saddling them with homework. Go figure!

People, people, people ... it's just a friggin' game. Fun, sure. Exciting, sure. Great for New Orleans, sure. But in the big scheme of life, this game tonight is pretty insignificant. At least not significant enough to shut the city down and declare a partial holiday. Not if my opinion matters, anyway.

But what are you gonna do? I almost embraced the heretical position of wanting the Saints to lose tonight (just tonight!), so that we could all go about our business normally for the remainder of the season. But I couldn't bring myself to want that. The only thing one can (must) do is to chant: Who Dat!?!

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