Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shotgun Wedding Announcement of the Year

From the Wedding Announcements section of the Sunday, February 15, Times-Picayune, in the "Living" section, page D-2, we are informed of the marriage of Miss Erin Ashley Malone and Mr. Michael Frank Rourke. In this announcement, in the penultimate paragraph, we get a new twist on the whole "shotgun wedding" theme. Check this out:

The couple met while attending LSU Engineering College. Erin and Michael were engaged in December 2007, in a duck blind in Lafitte, while the bride's father shot their limits.
Gulp! I can only imagine what it must be like for the groom, on the verge of declaring his eternal love to his fiancee and issuing a marriage proposal, to be doing so with the ringing sound of his future father-in-law's shotgun lingering in the air, in the midst of that acrid smell and billowy smoke of spent gunpowder, as hapless and helpless ducks are falling dead from the sky in droves. No room for getting cold feet and having second thoughts in that scenario!

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