Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anh "Joseph" Cao and the GOP War on Obama

It seems more and more clear to me that the GOP has declared partisan war on Obama and has never, ever planned to deal with the President on good faith, in spite of Obama's efforts to reach out to them and include them in working on this country's dire problems when he basically has enough votes in the House and Senate to ignore them completely.

Little tidbits keep trickling out from the mouths of some GOP politicians like Judd Gregg and Arlen Specter and Louisiana's own David Vitter that all point to this fact.

Let's just forget the stimulus legislation and any other policy initiatives for the moment and focus simply on the strategy, I wonder what Anh "Joseph" Cao thinks of this kind of politics? A politics which shows deceptive, bad faith contempt for a President who wants to do the right thing by trying to include the GOP. A politics which places party over country. If Cao is the kind of person I think and believe he is, I would imagine that it's getting harder and harder for him to face himself honestly in the mirror before he goes to bed at night and feel good about his party's strategy and his small part in this game.

Anh "Joseph" Cao, don't give in to this cynical, small, and puny politics. Don't sell out your soul and your country in this way. Either stand up to it as a member of the GOP, or abandon it by joining the Democrats.

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