Saturday, February 07, 2009

Random NOLA

My next addition to Random NOLA, which is a blog posting category that features a photo that I've taken from places around the city of New Orleans that make up a part of my day. They won't be pre-arranged. And I'm going to try to make them pictures of inconspicious scenes, but potentially identifiable to the attentive native. In other words, don't expect to find pictures of the Superdome or the St. Louis Cathedral or other such easily identifiable places. Where possible, I'll also try to keep street signs out of the picture, too. The goal is not only just to share a brief, random part of the path of my day, but also to see if true NOLA-philes can figure out exactly where in the city this scene is located. So, without further ado, here's the second "Random NOLA" Photo. Give it your best shot and put your guess in the comments section:


Anonymous said...

Easy...Concrete plant on Earhart at Broadway.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Yes indeed. Chuck, you gotta flip a coin, drop a feather, bones --something, every morning now to vary your routes. Otherwise, well, woodchuks you know.
This we must all do now. Break the shekels of routine holding us all back from Change.
Is it Live or is it Memorex?
In this Rat Race between Habit and Novelty, are we Evolution or Rrrrrevolution!

I look forward to more on you way.
Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

Huck said...

celsus - right you are. Yeah, I know it's easy for some who travel that path regularly. But I imagine not so much for others. I'm trying not to go out of my way to seek difficult landmarks. Just to capture scenes that I see regularly given the routes that I take in my routine life. But I'll try to take some more challenging photos. The next one I have queued up already is a very easy one, but so it is.

editilla - I love your writing style. And, yes, in the era of "Change" we must break our routines. I'll try!

vmm said...

definitely recognized that concrete plant on Earhart - also was the source of must consternation for the residents of Gert Town.