Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anh "Joseph" Cao: The Resume of a Democrat, Part III

Anh "Joseph" Cao is, apparently, more of a Democrat than even I can claim to be. As of now, my inclination on the stimulus package is to oppose it on the grounds of fiscal sanity. And yet Cao says that he is likely to support it because his "'conscience dictates and the needs of the 2nd Congressional District dictate.'" Got to give the man props for his "compassionate" conservatism.

I just love the rich irony captured in this passage from the Times-Picayune's report:

If Cao supports the stimulus plan, he will likely not have much Republican company. Though hailed a party hero by Republican leaders in Congress after his upset defeat of Democratic incumbent William Jefferson, Cao would be a party renegade on the biggest vote since he arrived in Washington.
Heh. Not if you consider Anh "Joseph" Cao to have the "resume of a Democrat"!

Then there's the utterly and breathtakingly moronic Steve Scalise, who is quoted as saying in defense of his opposition to the stimulus package:
"They are trying to sneak in a lot of things -- major policy and spending changes -- without any public input," Scalise said. "That is not the change of direction we've heard about for so many months."
Ummm ... does Steve Scalise even acknowledge that the "public" had some pretty major "input" on November 4, and that the "public" spoke loud and clear on that day?

But you want to know why I really, really, really like Cao? Because, when asked about Scalise trying to "keep Cao in line" with the GOP as part of Scalise's duties as assistant Republican whip, Cao had this to say:
"Steve Scalise doesn't know kung fu. I know kung fu. He can't whip me."
Go get 'em, Anh "Joseph" Cao!


Schroeder said...

See if you get a hit from Congress. I just sent a link to your post asking Cao, yet again, to switch parties -- not that it'll have any effect, but it's fun to keep asking him. Maybe he'll come to his senses when he finds out about Vitter's fetishes and Scalise's sleaze.

Simulacre said...

I agree he should switch parties. He fits in with the looters and exploiters -he's absolutely perfect for your state!

Huck said...

Schroeder - Interesting. I did get a hit from Congress. I hope Cao knows who his friends are and where his ideological inclinations lie. There is a place for Cao in the Democratic Party. In fact, he's probably more welcome with the Democrats than in the GOP. I trust that he's smart enough to realize this.

Simulacre - Cao as a looter and exploiter? You obviously know nothing about the man. Read his resume. You sound like a bitter world-ender when you throw out such charges. Where was your outrage when CEO's took TARP funds and gave them absurd bonuses for failure? I haven't heard you call them looters and exploiters yet. Why is that, I wonder? If Cao is anything, he is a person of impeccable moral character and integrity. You won't find him engaging in adultery by whoring around with madams and prostitutes. You probably love David Vitter because he opposes the stimulus package, even though he's a moral reprobate and hypocrite. You can have David Vitter in your morally corrupt party. I'll gladly take Cao in my party ANY day over Vitter.

Hadacol said...

All arguments moot.

Just another Republican.

Apparently, on the radio yesterday, he tried to say that he voted against if because it contained some provision for free condoms (not true, incidentally, as was pointed out to him, live on the radio, by Charlie Melancon).

So this means we're supposed to support a guy who is willing to not do ANYTHING to try and change a truly scary situation because the bill contains free rubbers?

Hell, if you think about it, everybody is broke and fucking is, at least most of the time free. We might as well try to help everyone forget their troubles. That's good government if you axe me.

RightDemocrat said...

It would make a lot of sense for Cao to switch parties. Cao broke with his party on key issues like the Lilly Ledbetter Act and children's health insurance. And his district is heavily Democratic. Cao could be a much more effective Congressman and maybe get re-lected as a Democrat.