Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tribute to AshMo

Chris Rose has a very nice column in today's Times-Picayune honoring the life and memory of the inimitable Dr. Ashley Morris. In his column, he mentions a number of NOLA blogosphere regulars.

Speaking of NOLA blogosphere regulars, what's up with the Library Chronicles? I can't seem to access it because Blogger is telling me it is for "invited" guests only. And, to my knowledge, I haven't been invited. Now I feel left out! :-(


jeffrey said...

You're not left out, dude. I just don't feel comfortable with certain segments of Rose's readership overlapping with mine. I'm laying low until it blows over a bit.

Huck said...

OK. Understandable. When I saw his mention of you in the article, I thought: Uh-oh! I imagine that some of his thin-skinned readers could get snippy, if not downright mean. So I don't blame you. I was just wondering, is all.