Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How Campaign Donations to Hillary End Up In Obama's Warchest

I just loved this little tidbit from the Daily Intel blog over at the New York Magazine online:

Clinton also had a staggering $8.7 million in debts, not even including the $5 million she loaned her own campaign. Indeed, the Hillary machine has taken to stiffing various small vendors. One New Hampshire doctor rented a building he owns to Clinton; it took so long for the campaign to pay him that he decided to forward its $500 check to Obama.
The emphasis in the above citation is mine. Now, I wonder if Hillary's campaign contributors like the fact that some percentage of their donation is helping Obama in his campaign against her? I imagine things like this happen more frequently than we think for all the campaigns, but it's still gotta hurt to see a concrete example of it coming out of the campaign of the candidate you support and to whom you may even have sent a few of your hard earned dollars.

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