Saturday, November 03, 2007

Vitter, Thomas, Anderson Compared

Compare this press conference transcript relative to U.S. Senator David Vitter's "sin" with this statement from New Orleans City Councilman Oliver Thomas relative to his corruption admission to this reaction from Una Anderson (watch the video) defending herself against charges of accepting a bribe. And when you compare them all, you tell me who ends up with your respect and with her honor and integrity in tact.

In my mind, there is absolutely no question that Una Anderson is the subject of a malicious and untrue attack. In my gut, I can just tell by the way she is reacting that she's been greivously wronged. And I admire her tenacity in fighting back. And she's got my vote in the upcoming run-off election for State Representative. If you are a voter in Louisiana State House District 95, you should vote for Una Anderson, too. I don't know much about Walker Hines, her opponent, and I don't really have anything against the guy, other than that I cannot find anywhere on his website what his party affiliation is, which kinda bugs me. But he's young, wealthy, and riding on the privileged coattails of his connected lawyer-father. I'd rather have a tough, seasoned, and experienced Anderson than an untested unknown. Unlike others, I thought Una Anderson performed admirably and with integrity on the School Board at a moment when it was politically inconvenient to do so. She's done nothing to lose the respect she earned from me during that time. In fact, her facing down the adversity of this latest smear has only augmented the respect I have for her.

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Schroeder said...

I've always liked and supported Una Anderson. I campaigned for her once. I'd troubled by the loose allegations, and I'm hoping they will be refuted. She shouldn't stop at suing Barre -- she should sue The Times-Picayune for defamation as well. Barre can make all the allegations he wants, and suffer the consequences, but the TP had better check out his allegations before they print a story.