Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Damn right, it's you."

"Damn right, it's you." -- That's what Jarvis DeBerry opines New Orleans would tell the Presidential Debate Commission should the Commission admit that its decision to shun New Orleans had nothing to do with the City and everything to do with its own dysfunctions and incompetency. Here's the relevant section in the DeBerry column:

We've heard that the city isn't ready to stage a large event. Then we've heard that the rejection has nothing to do with the city's ability to stage a large event.

We've heard that the city's ability to provide security is a concern. We've heard the security complaint despite multiple visits made by President Bush and his wife Laura in the past two years.

We've heard that too many people were involved in the application. (Four local universities jointly applied to stage the event at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.) We've heard that only Anne Milling of Women of the Storm actually signed any paperwork, and her signature alone was problematic.

We've heard that, in sympathy for our plight, the commission thought it wrong to ask New Orleans to shoulder the costs of hosting a debate.

We've heard the commission say everything to New Orleans except, "It's not you. It's me." If somebody with the commission slips up and says that, however, expect New Orleans to answer, "Damn right, it's you."
Damn right. Mad props to Jarvis for telling it like it needs to be told. Read the whole column. It's one of Jarvis's better efforts.

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Don_cos said...

They really should just say no and give a straight answer as to why they say no.

And they forgot the all time "mother of all" excuses;

"Sorry but we are washing our hair that night!"