Thursday, November 29, 2007

Confidential to President_Friedman

P_F: In John Hawkins' "Liveblogging the YouTube Debate" posting from yesterday at RWN, you wrote in one of your comments:

I thought McCain won easily with Thompson, Huck, and Rudy tied for third. One thing about Huck, he got some easy questions.
Heh. I'll take a roundabout mention on RWN -- even one intended for someone else ;) -- whenever I can get one.

Indulge me a couple of comments. First, I'd never be found on stage participating as a candidate in a GOP primary debate. Second, I'd never finish anyplace but first. Third, I never get softball questions, I always just make them look softball by my magnificent answers!


President Friedman said...

OK, here's a softball for you:

What's a Lagniappe, and why is this post labeled as one?

I could probably look it up but that would take the fun out of it.

Huck said...

Lagniappe is one of our great catch-all phrases here in New Orleans. It basically means a little bit extra or a little bit on the side. I guess another way to define it is as a non-essential, superfluous tidbit of information. Some people might aslo say an "added bonus." In the context I'm using it on the blog, it serves as a place where I locate my postings that can't really be categorized in any substantive way. A blog posting "gumbo" category, so to speak.

Don_cos said...

Huck! You da Man!