Friday, November 16, 2007

The Huck Upchuck's Election Recommendations

District 95 State Representative:


Let me tell you something about Walker Hines, Una Anderson's rival, that completely turned me off to him forever. I'll never vote for him. I came home today from work to TWO (not ONE, but TWO) robocall phone messages trashing Una Anderson by referring to the Times-Picayune's story about Stan Barre's accusations against her. These messages were anonymous. But who else other than the Walker Hines campaign would have made them? He didn't have the damn balls to own up to his negative smear campaigning. It's the worst kind of campaign politics and it is something I utterly deplore. These calls were anonymous, they were negative, and they were based on a completely unsubstantiated allegation that Una Anderson strongly denied. Any decent person with any integrity would have stayed away from this kind of thing. It's revealing that Walker Hines didn't.

Now, Ray over at Ray in New Orleans blog received an email letter from Walker Hines that Ray supposedly thinks "displays a lot of character" on the part of Walker Hines. Read the letter. I don't see much "character" in it. All it tells me is that Walker Hines can't write worth a damn. His grammar sucks. It's not that his email to Ray has the forgivable one or two mistakes due to an oversight, it's that the mistakes are plentiful and indicative of a larger problem of intelligence and carelessness.

I just can't and won't vote for the kid.


District 5 State Senator:


Oyster, along with his reaffirmed endorsement of Gray, has the latest run-down on the seedy attacks against Gray that should tip the balance for Gray for any fence-sitters.


Ray said...

Grammar and spelling aren't a prereq for character. It did display at least a reasonable amount of restraint and decorum to write a letter as polite as that one considering the things that Ashley and I have said about him in our blogs over the past few weeks. That's all I meant about character. I wasn't saying anything for or against his suitability for the office.

Huck said...

I understand, Ray. And as I said, I had nothing against Hines until I got those horrible, anonymous, low-blow robocalls. Granted, grammar and spelling aren't prereqs for character, as much as they are prereqs for thoughtfulness and smarts, which I value in a candidate, but the nasty, anonymous robocalls do comment on his character -- and not positively, if you ask me.

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