Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Lunch Meeting with US Congressional Rep. Cedric Richmond

This Thursday, I will have the chance to participate in a lunch meeting with U.S. Congressional Representative Cedric Richmond (Democrat representing New Orleans 2nd Congressional District). I'm looking forward to this event and to discussing with Rep. Richmond the topics of Comprehensive Immigration Reform at the national level, student summer internship possibilities, black/brown relations in the City of New Orleans, and public service/civic engagement initiatives locally. Should be an interesting meeting and I'm grateful that Rep. Richmond is making the effort to meet with some of his constituents.


Eric said...

In my experience, unless you are urging them to vote a specific way on a specific bill, it is a complete waste of time to talk to a federal Congressman about any issue they can't effect from an existing or upcoming committee appointment. I'd suggest finding out what committees your Rep. sits on and tailor your conversation around those.

Very different situation with state congressmen, but at the federal level those folks just have too much on their plate to give serious attention to issues that are beyond their immediate sphere of influence, especially if you aren't offering any lobbyist money for their time. Sad but true.

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