Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Current Crop of GOP Presidential Contenders

I remain astounded at the real vacuousness of the current crop of hopefuls vying for the GOP nomination to challenge Obama in the upcoming Presidential election. In what should be a Republican cakewalk, all we see are clowns at the podium. Really, this Presidential elections are the GOP's to lose, and they are doing spectacularly well at achieving this outcome. Seriously, even if you think Obama is a horrible President, I can't for the life of me see how any one of the current GOP contenders -- with the possible exception of Huntsman (and maybe Romney) -- even have a prayer against Obama. Forget about policy positions, all Obama has to do is to behave stoically and presidentially and he wins the election. I have to say that it is quite sad what has become of the GOP. It's like watching a bad and surreal circus act.


Eric said...

I'm not too pleased with the crop of candidates either, but I never am. In the last decade there has only been one Republican primary candidate I was truly excited about, and he didn't get any traction. However, this election is (sadly) shaping up to be a referendum on Obama's policies and leadership, and I think any of the Republican candidates can compete in that arena.

I also have a theory that whoever runs is going to tap Paul Ryan as their VP, and that will help the ticket a lot (while also displaying what I believe to be a bit of political brilliance on Ryan's part).

At any rate, I think you are grossly overconfident about Obama's prospects. Bush's approval rating was 20 points higher than Obama's at this point in his Presidency, and he only barely beat out an incredibly weak candidate in John Kerry. If the unemployment rate is higher at election time than it was on Obama's inauguration day, I think it may be impossible for him to win, and he's going to have an uphill battle no matter who the Republicans run.

Eric said...

I'll also say that while I'm not enthused about the candidates themselves, I think the Republican debates have actually been excellent. There are libertarian ideas being discussed openly and seriously that would have been considered political suicide for Republicans 10 years ago, and when the moderators aren't trying to force pro-wrestling style smackdowns between the candidates, you actually have an incredibly wide range of ideas being politely discussed on stage. The fact that Ron Paul is more popular than Rick Santorum gives me hope for the future of the GOP.

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