Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Blue Jays Go Undefeated

While I was in Guatemala, my alma mater's football team won their final regular season game against district competitor West Jefferson High School in what was apparently a real down-to-the-wire nailbiter: 29-28 with a last second touchdown and a gutsy (and successful) call to go for the 2-point conversion. This means the Blue Jays have ended the regular season 10-0, with a district championship, a 3rd place state ranking, and a ranking in the top 100 high school football teams nationally. My nephew is a starting offensive tackle on this team as a junior. Much to my embarrassment, I have yet to so the Blue Jays play yet this season; but I am committed to see their playoff game this Saturday. My high school class (of 1986) - celebrating our 25 year graduation anniversary this year - is carving out a special space in the stadium for gathering and cheering on the Blue Jays through the playoffs. Congrats Blue Jays!

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