Friday, October 29, 2010

Vote Vitter Out of Office

Stop the Politics of Hate from JoLu on Vimeo.

Sen. David Vitter claims to be a good Catholic Christian. One who is a sinner, but one who supposedly acknowledges his sins and benefits from the forgiveness of God, his family, and his fellow human beings. Well, I call on Sen. Vitter to live up to his supposed Catholic Christian values in terms of treating others the way he expects to be treated. I call on Sen. Vitter to live up to the Catholic social teachings which emphasize solidarity with the poor and respecting the dignity of his fellow human beings. His reprehensible and disgusting ad does nothing but vilify and demean the dignity of his fellow human being. He should live up to the Catholic Christian values that he claims and not live down to the baser nature of human beings just to tap into this baser, hateful nature to secure votes.

Vote for Charlie Melancon! He's not a great choice for progressive liberal Democrats, but at least he's a decent human being who respects his fellows and who doesn't resort to such reprehensible depictions of others for his own electoral gains. He's certainly not a family values hypocrite like Vitter is.

Conservatives - you need to know that whatever authority you have in the federal Senate involves a willingness to accept the immoral, vile, and hypocritical character that is David Vitter. Know it and own it.

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