Friday, October 15, 2010

The Fruits of the Tea Party and Palinism

This is simply astounding. Yeah, yeah ... I know there are folks on the left who did (and do) similarly crazy and reprehensible things; but I have never seen so many of these kinds of things being done on such a scale as I have seen from conservatives regarding Obama. The nastiness seems to be rather endemic.

I know some of my conservative readers will write this off as the rantings and behavior of an unrepresentative fringe; but I can't help but continue to believe that this "unrepresentative fringe" is being implicitly coddled and tolerated by a much more broadly felt antipathy towards Obama, an antipathy emerging from the bowels of the Tea Party movement that more and more is scratching at the center of the Tea Party's anti-Obama narratives. I certainly don't see any conservatives raising a finger to actually discourage the kind of demeaning of Obama (not to mention the presidency itself) that these things represent.

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