Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Threadheads Records Foundation

A great cause to support, with details below from a friend who is helping to spearhead the cause and who is soliciting votes. Please consider voting for the cause ...

Hey all,

I know I continue to ask - but we are down to the wire and we need to be in the top 10 to receive funding for this project. We only have a few days left in August and it is critical that everyone votes, every day, and sends it out to as many people as possible,

This is a real opportunity to make a serious contribution to helping more musicians in New Orleans have work. This project will generate revenue and keep things moving. All it takes is a single mouse click. If we got 500 people to vote each day for the whole month of august - it is something like the equivalent of donating $3 each time you click your mouse. How cool is that?

Please help us make this a reality. And, for those of you concerned, I have been supporting various projects throughout this contest by Pepsi and have not received a single piece of spam, marketing or other 'crap' from them or other people.

go in, sign in (or register) and THEN vote. to sign in click vote before you do - then fill out the stuff- and once you hear the sound of a can being opened and the pepsi pouring (the sound - not a video) then you can vote. You will get a screen based confirmation that you've voted for the project.


Nine Lives Project
Click on the "Nine Lives Project" link above to be taken to the appropriate website where you can register and vote. Thanks!

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