Thursday, August 05, 2010

Basil Marceaux - GOP Candidate for Governor in Tennessee

I know that the Democratic Party has its oddballs who run for political office (not the least of which is the Democratic Party's kooky candidate currently running for Senator in South Carolina), but one just can't help being tickled (in a fond, good way) by Republican Candidate Basil Marceaux's campaign for governor. Here's a campaign ad for Marceaux:

[Hat Tip to Andrew Sullivan, who I think is a bit unfair to the GOP in his comments on what the Marceaux candidacy represents for the party and its issues.]


eric said...

That was freaking hilarious. I'm all for stopping traffic stops!

Seriously though, you know some mainstream Repbulican candidate is going to steal that "make the flag fly right" line!

Huck said...

Eric - If you think this clip is hilarious, you ought to check out his website. It's hard to determine whether Basil is actually serious about this stuff, or whether he's just out having a good time spoofing the whole electoral campaign process. It's almost too surreal to be taken seriously.