Thursday, August 19, 2010

From the Archives: Advice to Young Conservatives

getting ready for college.


andrew said...

Speaking of which, a professor of mine had told me personally that her Libertarian and Conservative students tend to be the stronger writers in her class as opposed to the liberal students. This is coming from a very Progessive professor as well.


I've got a logic puzzle for you.

Try providing me with a constitutionally valid definition of marriage.

If you play along with me I promise to make it worth your while.

Huck said...

OK, andrew. I'll play along: marriage is defined as an expression of lifelong commitment between two consenting adults which is acknowledged by the civil authority as a binding agreement to share in an equal partnership under currently codified family contract law.

andrew said...

Admirable response.

But you did violate the Establishment Clause.

You did not specify the gender of said adults, which in this case would favor the Episcopalian sect of Christianity over other sects as well as Islam.

You also specified that marriage should take place between two consenting adults which would favor Christianity, with exception to most off-shoots of the Church of Latter Day Saints, over Islam.

More than likely you may consider the solution to be radical and I'll acknowledge its just about as politically unfeasible as one could get. However such a solution would achieve a goal we both seriously believe in.