Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why I'm an Exodus Catholic, Ctd.

When the official publication of a Catholic Archdiocese (in this case the Archdiocese of Boston) publishes vile and homophobic trash like this, how can any person who claims to advocate for basic Christian charity and kindness NOT be disgusted and disappointed?

It would be one thing if this piece were nothing more than the opinion of a single individual; but when it is explicitly endorsed and published by the official Catholic Diocesan newspaper, it takes on a whole new meaning in terms of the official sanction of the institutional church. I simply cannot be part of an institution whose leadership endorses this kind of garbage.

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Julie P said...

I guess that supports why I would never want my daughter to attend a catholic school - I would hate to expose her to the people who think our family is wrong and evil, and who believe that because she has 2 moms she should not be allowed to attend the school. I wonder if the author objects to the color of her skin as well as her parents?
It is interesting though if the author is talking about a family in MA or VA - in MA same sex parenting is legal and recognized by the state (as is marriage of course) which presents a bit of the usual conflict between church and state - are the church beliefs or the state laws "right".
I am continually amazed at the homophobia that exists, and the article is written from someone who is seemingly "educated" or at least has a variety of edvanced degrees. Thanks for being outraged.