Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guadalajara - Week 1 Summary

At this very moment last week, I was getting off the plane in Guadalajara, Mexico, and beginning the process of entering the city through the regular immigration and customs process. So, I've had exactly one week with feet on the ground in Guadalajara. And it has been a very good first week.

After getting settled in to my room at the Casa Internacional, I relaxed, went shopping, and reviewed for the upcoming week. Monday morning, I was up bright and early to walk to the CEPE, the division of the Universidad de Guadalajara where our program takes place, and participated in the first day's orientation. Here is the Tulane group getting oriented to the CEPE:

The next few days we spent getting acclimated to the academic schedule at the CEPE and the students were mostly adjusting to their homestays.

Thursday was our group tour of the historic Centro de Guadalajara, where we saw the usual sights: the Cathedral, the Palacio de Gobierno, the various Plazas, the Hospicio Cabanas, the Mercado Libertad, and a few other sights along the route. After that, we went to the Restaurante La Chata, one of my favorites in Guadalajara, for some great Mexican food. Here's the group outside of Restaurante La Chata after our dinner:

We ended our first week yesterday with our group excursion to the city of Tequila and a tour of the Jose Cuervo factory. More on that in a separate post.

On the whole, a very good, though exhausting, first week. Only four more to go. The time flies by.

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