Monday, June 28, 2010

Returned from Guanajuato

I had a wonderful trip to Guanajuato, Mexico. The city is simply beautiful. It's relatively small, very European in its design, and has a colorful colonial charm. The streets are much narrower than many other Mexican cities such that there seems to be just one winding one-way maze of a street that works its way through the town. It has a series of underground tunnel roads that also help the flow of traffic. What this means is that big, massive vehicles like busses or tractor-trailers simply can't navigate the streets. And this makes for a nicer pedestrian experience around the roads. The architecture is stunning and the people are extremely friendly. In short, Guanajuato will now become a fixture of my summer visits to Mexico.

One of my favorite parts of this visit was staying in the B&B/Hostel "La Casa de Dante" (which I recommend to anyone). The breakfasts there were super-fantastic. Check out the creativity and the scrumptiousness of the meals we had there:

Saturday Morning: Chilaquiles (perhaps the best I've ever had) and a fruit appetizer in the image of the Mexican flag

Sunday Morning: Cochinita Pibil and a fruit appetizer in the shape of a bird

If I have the time and the inclination, I'll post more of my thoughts on Guanajuato in another post. For now, just let the yumminess of the Comida Mexicana suffice as an appetizer to the Guanajuato experience!

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