Saturday, April 10, 2010

Replacing Justice Stevens on the SCOTUS

If Republican Senators predict a "whale" of a fight over Obama's next pick for the SCOTUS if that pick is a reliable liberal justice, I say give them that fight. Obama should force the Republicans to threaten, again, the filibuster over his pick. The general understanding is that the President should get his pick. I believe that myself, which was why I thought it appropriate that the Senate confirm both Sam Alito and John Roberts. I think most Americans do. And most Americans will view a purely ideological resistance, as opposed to a resistance grounded clearly on qualifications and competency, as bad form. Interestingly, if Obama can get a competent and respected liberal-leaning nominee in place before the November elections, and if the GOP goes into full "Party of NO" mode, the November elections will become more a referendum on the SCOTUS pick than on the Health Care Reform legislation. Given the deference many Americans expect to be shown the President in a SCOTUS nomination and hearing process, this may blunt some of the negative electoral impact that incumbent Democrats in electoral "swing" districts might have faced over their "yes" vote on HCR.

Might this be another Obama "meep meep" moment (as Andrew Sullivan might say)?

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