Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Parking Ticket Gestapo Strikes Again

This time, targeting Crescent City Classic participants who parked on the Neutral Ground by City Park and posed absolutely no public safety danger at all. It's a pure money grab and it's disgusting. I will be exploring the possiblity of organizing a grass roots campaign to pressure whatever authority, be it the City Council or the State Legislature, to remedy this, and similar, situations.

The Crescent City Class is a once a year event that brings tens of thousands of people into the city where they have fun and spend lots of money. The City is very short-sighted in its parking enforcement strategy here and, I think, will do more long term fiscal damage to the city as a result than the short-term fiscal infusion that it gets from ticketing people.

I understand the need to have some traffic enforcement rules in place, but I also know that rational people can understand the difference between legitimate enforcement and a brazen money grab. If the parking ticket gestapo sees fit to ticket CCC participants, then I want them to issue citations to these illegally parked LAW ENFORCEMENT VEHICLES, too. What's good for the average citizen should also be good for law enforcement personnel, too.

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