Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oyster: Couhig is the "Duke of Dithering"

Oyster over at Your Right Hand Thief has a blistering and crushing piece on Republican Rob Couhig's indecisiveness about his running for Mayor. And Oyster's annointing Couhig the "Duke of Dithering" is fantastically clever and hilarious, especially since, as Oyster notes, Couhig labelled Mitch Landrieu as the "Prince of Vacillation" when Landrieu was taking his time in mulling over whether to run for Mayor against Nagin the last time around. Read the whole piece. I think Oyster is in top form in this posting.

I just wanted to add my own two cents of disgust with Couhig that is rooted in the last Mayoral election. Here's the story of my disgust with Couhig. In the last Mayoral election, Couhig placed a robo-call to me asking me as a Georgetown alum (Couhig is also a Georgetown alum, who must have gotten my name and number from the Georgetown alumni database), to support his candidacy. He didn't make any other pitch than loyalty to the Hoya network in asking for my support. In fact, if I remember correctly now, the tone of the message was presumptuous in that it took as a given that Georgetown alumni here in New Orleans would automatically be partial to Couhig. I took offense to Couhig's email because I would bet any amount of money that Couhig voted against Bill Clinton in both the 1992 and 1996 Presidential elections, in spite of the fact that Clinton was a fellow Hoya alum, too.

I will never support the pretender wannabe "Duke of Dithering" because of this. And Oyster's piece merely confirmed me in my decision.

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oyster said...

Thanks for the kind words and link, Huck. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece, and you can be sure I'll have some more posts on ole Couhig. He's one of my favorite whipping posts.

I love your Georgetown anecdote-- the linkage to Couhig's (presumable) votes against Clinton is perfect.