Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Hasan Question for Conservatives

To all those conservatives going ape-sh** crazy about the Muslim shooter in the Fort Hood incident, because he's a Muslim, I'd like to ask what would you do if you were President?

The dude was psychologically disturbed. Do his actions, even if they were motivated by his warped interpretation of Islam, require an aggressive state response focusing on Islam?

Conservatives should be careful, because there have been many more deadly rampages and cult massacres of innocents in this country by Christians. And the anti-Muslim hyperventilating rage conservatives seem to be irresponsibly engaging in and stoking now has its counterpart in the Muslim world with regard to anti-Christian hyperventilating rage.

I ask again, conservatives, what would you do? Concrete recommendations, please.


Anonymous said...

For starters, I'd admit that "racial profiling" would have saved the lives of at least 12 patriotic American servicemen.

Huck said...

Anonymous - Can you be sure of that? Also, can you elaborate on what you mean by racial profiling? Do you mean "religious profiling," because the dude looked pretty white to me. It's one thing to look at someone and come to a conclusion about that person's character simply because of his race or religious beliefs, which is bad enough in itself; but it's another thing altogether to actually propose to do something concrete with the profile. So I'd ask, how would racial (or religious) profiling have saved the lives of 12 patriotic service members unless you mean to use such profiling to actually do something about folks fitting the profile. Perhaps you think if we had profiled this guy simply because he's a Muslim before this tragedy happened, and took him off the streets and put him in Guantanamo, we could have avoided this tragedy. If that's what you mean, say so. Otherwise, saying you'd profile someone is nice, but ultimately meaningless unless you're prepared to do something about this profile. And if you're prepared to take this Muslim off the streets simply because of his race or religious views, absent any other variables, would you think it's o.k. take all Muslims off the streets (and out of the barracks) just because they are Muslim?

P. DeMers said...

I can hear Rush and Glen in my mind , "Let's start building the Muslim internment camps."