Saturday, November 07, 2009

Message To Anh "Joseph" Cao and All Catholic Legislators on Health Care Reform

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has endorsed the recently amended House Health Insurance Reform Legislation. They are convinced that the current amendmentment to the bill on the abortion question clearly and satisfactorily satisfies the Catholic Church's official, unwavering opposition to abortion. This means that not only do Catholic Legislators like Cao, Vitter, Melancon, etc., no longer have the abortion issue to hide behind, but they also are now faced with actually opposing their Church on the substantive question of health care reform as a moral imperative, a position the Catholic Church has always supported.

As Andrew Sullivan so bluntly said:

It's important to note what the theocons will never mention. Catholic teaching very, very strongly backs universal health insurance as a moral imperative.
Let's see the "Cafeteria Catholics" of the right wing spin this.

Message to Anh "Joseph" Cao: I'm watching you very, very, very closely now. Your vote on this will be a make it or break it for me in terms of considering you as a viable candidate in the 2010 elections. You have absolutely no moral reason to oppose the majority will of your constituents on this issue by voting "No" on the current reform bill, and every moral reason to vote "Yes."