Friday, May 08, 2009

Run, Mitch, Run!

I'd like nothing more than to see Mitch Landrieu join his sister, Mary, in the US Senate. Yeah, a Landrieu Brother/Sister combo might spook some of the conservative northern fundagelicals of the "Gret Stet" (and maybe even some of the conservative southern brain-deaders of the State); but Mitch is the only Democrat I can think of who has statewide name recognition, is not considered an overly ideological liberal, has done quite well as Lt.-Governor, and has infinitely better family values than Vitter. Besides which, Mitch, I think, can make some serious inroads in the more conservative suburbs of the Greater New Orleans area, a region which Vitter is going to need to go overwhelmingly for him, but which feels much more personally betrayed and wounded by Vitter's sexual indiscretions and family-values hypocrisy.

The one question mark for Mitch will be the lingering fallout from his racially contentious matchup against Ray Nagin for New Orleans mayor the last go around.

Even still, I think Vitter is vulnerable; but his defeat will require a well-known, family-values-unassailable Democrat. And Mitch Landrieu is really the only person I can think of that would fit the bill at this time.

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