Thursday, May 07, 2009

Class of Katrina Graduates

Kudos to all the Spring 2009 College Graduates in New Orleans. This graduating class was the "Class that came back" after being scattered to the four corners for Hurricane Katrina. For many of these students and their families, the Katrina experience meant arriving to New Orleans on Friday or Saturday, unpacking and getting settled in the dorms, only to immediately have to pack up and leave for an evacuation that stretched out for more than 4 months. This class deserves a lot of credit for not only coming back to New Orleans and the local universities they had committed to attend, but also for being the first wave of young energy that really catapulted the City on its path to recovery.

Read this nice article from MSNBC on this graduating class.


Don_cos said...

Speaking of recovery, how are the conditions down there now?

It looks like I will be coming down there for a week in June and another week in July. I’ll be there to work on the USS New York.

Huck said...

Don_cos - Things are getting much better. There are still problems and issues, but in many ways we are thriving here. I'm pleased that you'll be coming down. We should try to meet when you're here.

Don_cos said...

I'd like to, but to be honest I don't yet know what my schedule will be. The week in June we will be flying in Sunday night, working the evening shift Monday through Friday, then flying out again Saturday morning. The Mornings will likely filled correcting diagrams (depending on what we find when we get there).

But if I do get the time I would be pleased to buy you lunch.

Huck said...

"But if I do get the time I would be pleased to buy you lunch."

No, no, no. If it works out, I will buy YOU lunch! I insist! Surely you wouldn't deny me the rights of being a good host and of showing off some New Orleans southern hospitality.