Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MBH Pottery

My better two-thirds (B-2/3) has her pottery kiln firing up as I write this and will once again be setting up shop at the Arts Market of New Orleans. This market, which features mostly hand crafted artisanry pieces and requires a review of one's work by the Arts Council of New Orleans to ensure that it meets the market's artistic standards, takes place usually on the last Saturday of every month at Palmer Park on the corner of Claiborne and Carrollton Aves. This means that this Saturday, January 31, is the next market.

My B-2/3 will be there not only displaying and selling her wheel-thrown functional pottery, but she'll also be setting up her wheel and throwing pots, which she's been doing since the November 2008 market. If you venture into this market, please do stop by and say hello. My B-2/3, whom you can see at her wheel here, is very sociable and gregarious, not to mentioned talented and lovely. I'm sure she'd love to meet you and talk pottery and books.

Lately, I've been helping her mind the booth; but I do have to make sure that my little flowers follow their Saturday routines (ballet practices, coffee shop visits, treats from the Whole Foods bakery, etc.) So, given that I'll be stepping in and out of the market at specific moments throughout the day, I might miss you if you stop by. But stop by nonetheless.

I know I'm biased, but my B-2/3 makes some fantastic pottery pieces. Just about all of the bowls, plates, mugs, platters, vases, teapots, etc., that we have and use in the house are made by her skilled and loving hands.

Come by and check it all out!

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