Saturday, January 17, 2009

Helena Moreno Attends English-Speaking Union Tea

In Nell Nolan's social scene column in today's Times-Picayune, I noticed that Helena Moreno, erstwhile Democratic candidate for Louisiana's Congressional District 2 seat and Spanish-speaking Latina of Mexican descent, attended a Christmas Tea sponsored by the New Orleans chapter of the English-Speaking Union of the United States. Not knowing much about this organization, my first inclination was to think that this group might have some kind of linkage to the nativist "English-only Movement" supported by such groups like U.S. English, for example. Had that been the case, it would have made for a very interesting commentary on Helena Moreno's attitudes regarding her other native language of Spanish. However, it seems that the English-Speaking Union is an apolitical organization that just tries to foster community among the English-speaking peoples of the world. Nothing wrong with that. And even though some of the members might be English-only advocates, the organization seems to steer clear of this. So, what does this posting mean? Nothing more than a bit of curious interest on my part.

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