Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Thoughts on Palin

I would like to hear Palin's opinion on Pakistan's recent political meltdown. I would like to hear Palin's thoughts on Brazil's defiance of multinational pharmaceutical companies' claims to intellectual property rights of HIV-AIDS anti-retroviral medication production. I would like to hear what Palin thinks of Radovan Karadzic's war crimes trial and its impact on the Balkans. I would like to hear Palin demonstrate her knowledge of the differences between Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the Taliban. I would like to hear Palin talk about what the NAFTA and DR-CAFTA mean for US-Latin American Relations and for US manufacturing jobs. There is so much I would like to hear from Palin that demonstrates she has at least some awareness and substantive knowledge about the pressing issues affecting this country and the world. I have a feeling that I know more about foreign affairs than Palin does. In fact, I have a strong feeling that most political bloggers know more about foreign affairs than Palin does. And that is worrisome, indeed.

Sure, Palin has experience. Fact is, so do I. And so does Obama. The relevant question is: what experience, not to mention knowledge, does she have that makes her really qualified and ready to be leader of the free world? When one thinks about women in the GOP with executive experience whom McCain could have chosen: Condoleeza Rice, Christie Todd Whitman, Kay Bailey Hutchinson (not to mention accomplished women executives in the global business community like Carly Fiorina, for example), one begins to realize the unseriousness of Palin's choice and the pander that this choice really is. I suspect that when the honeymoon period is over, and the luster and glow of the moment diminishes, and we learn more about Palin, there will be a growing sense of unease and buyer's remorse among the GOP, especially when faced with what McCain could have accomplished with his choice. It was a fundamentally unserious choice. And I suspect that, regardless of what we learn about Palin, the real impact will be on McCain and his judgment. And I don't think history will be kind to him on this front.

And here's another question to ponder about Palin: whether or not she can assume the rigors of the VP position and still be a mom of sorts to her young kids, is that what she should do? Only she can answer this. But, let me pull out the one aspect of my own life where I tend to be much more in line with conservatives: family. My wife could certainly pursue a professional career and be a mom, too. And I could be the stay-at-home dad. But we both decided together that someone staying at home with the kids was the best thing for them and for our family. We also recognized that moms have an especially important role and relationship with children during their infancy and toddler years. So, we sacrificed my wife's income potential and decided to have her stay home with the kids. That's not to knock the decisions other parents made to go down a different path; but we just thought this the best path given the options. And so, personally, I can't help but question what Palin's decision will mean for her children, especially the extremely young and vulnerable ones, like her 4-month-old Downs Syndrome son. I have no doubt that they will be well-cared for; but I can't help but think that the demands of the VP job will create a kind of absentee mother for them that will have some kind of less-than-ideal impact on their lives. And thinking of parents consciously making a choice that is less-than-ideal for their kids concerns me. Call me sexist if you will, but I can't help but question Palin's decision on this front.


D-BB said...

Hey Huckster. How am u be?
Look, I know u hot for Obama and stuff but dude, there is a hurricane aimed at us in the worse way. Uh, can u give this political b.s. a break?

No offense meant. You know me and when offense is meant.

Huck said...

Hey, d-bb! Good to hear from you. Believe me, I'm paying attention to Gustav. And I've got my meteorologist father-in-law giving us very good, calm, and reasoned updates -- not the panicked ones you get listening to WWL870. We have an evacuation plan and are following it just like we planned it. I don't think I need to contribute to the already over-hyped hurricane coverage any more than I have. And the rest of the country is moving along with its business as well. So, blogging about it is really kinda harmless, don't you think?

New Orleans Ladder said...

S'Up Chuck... Editilla here. If any youz need to email me on your way north, you can find it in my profile on the Ladda.
I live in Memphis, which has an award winning Red Cross Mid South Hub and They Are Ready.
Soooo... if y'all need me I'm here fo'ya.
T'ank ya'fury mush.

~Oh, and yer oh'so humble Editilla figures Palin for nothing more than a Lady in a Red Herring.
I mean we're talking of The Grand Old Perverts here, a party of Miscreant Airport Bathroom Stoolies and Pederasts for Gonzo's Sake!
Biden will murdalizer her in the debates, hopefully even make her cry. (As an aside sorta, my first thought on Hillary's tearjerk-off was of that scene in the movie "League of Their Own": Wait a Minute! There Is No Crying In Politics!!!":)
The choice of this inarticulate oil industry naybobette only reinforces my paranoia that the fix is in, at a High Caliber too.

Since the vote-theft and coup in 2000 I have witnessed this process go from one of deciding "Electability" to an exercise in "Selectability". That said, I think Obama is at the font of Something Different...may we call it "Reflectability"?

Huck said...

Thanks, editilla, both for making yourself available to help out us exiles as we flee Gustav and for your thoughts on my posting. I think you've got something there with the electability/selectability/REFLECTABILITY comparisons. I like it. A lot. Peace.

Anonymous said...

The news item that got me was the fact that, knowing she was pregnant with a high-risk child, got on a plain after she started losing amniotic fluid. And then she decided to forego the nearby hospital in Anchorage to drive to her small town hospital. Huh? Of course it's every woman's decision, right? But the sick part is that the GOP is marketing this story as the female version of McCain's maverick toughness.