Friday, August 29, 2008

Gustav Tracking

My father-in-law, who is a chemical engineer with some meteorological training a college degree in meteorology [NOTE: I have been duly corrected and have made the changes here. Regrets about the error.] and who is an avid weather buff, follows hurricanes path modeling via this website, run by a doctoral student in Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University. Just click on the "frame 1" links provided in the North Atlantic Basin section for a variety of combined tracking model projected paths. Believe me, my father-in-law is perhaps the most professional "amateur" there is when it comes to weather events.

What the latest tracking models all seem to indicate currently is a landfall to the west of New Orleans, with the likelihood of projections continuing to shift the storm even further westward as time passes.

But, then, fickle is as fickle does. And Gustav, I'm sure, has a mind of his own. So vigilance is still the order of the day.

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