Friday, August 29, 2008


Gusty move. But risky. And most conservatives ain't too keen on taking too much risk.

At first glance, I kinda like Palin. And McCain's selection of her has reminded me of why I've always kinda liked McCain, too. But I'm not sure his gamble is gonna work.

But Palin is a great unknown. And I don't think there is enough time for us to get to know her better. What does this mean? Well, that public opinion on her is a clean slate. But, the reality is that this means that any unflattering gossip is just as likely believable at this point as is any concrete detail. And people gravitate towards the gossip.

And I haven't seen this mentioned yet; but McCain's infidelity to his first wife and his divorce complicate any kind of professional association that links a younger, good-looking woman so intimately to his campaign and professional future. It shouldn't matter all that much; but people are people, and will think like they are wont to think, whether justified or not.

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