Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mitt Romney's Ignorance

The man hopes to be President and yet he doesn't even know how many counties there are in the state of Massachussetts. I mean, it's not like he's been governor of Massachussetts or anything, right? God fordid that someone ask him to spell "potato" or guess at the number of states there are in the United States. Lord knows what answer we'll get with Romney.


Don_cos said...

Well that's it. I certainly won't vote for him! Who would vote for someone who made such a small insignificant and totally non-news worthy mistake like that?

Huck said...

You're right! But perhaps you'll note this the next time someone harps on Barack Obama's middle name. Or is that bit of information something that is large, significant, and newsworthy? Because one would tend to think so listening to the frequency with which conservatives like to mention this.

Don_cos said...

No Huck I do not think that Mr. Obamas middle name should mean anything. Like this Romney gaff it's not truly news worthy.

By the way I used to live in the town this happened in. And the little soda shop they were in is a really neet classic place.