Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2nd Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Here's what I wrote on my blog two years ago in the immediate wake of Hurricane Katrina.

There's a lot more Katrina reflection on the blogosphere today, too. And, of course, the Times-Picayune has a wide spread of Katrina anniversary stories.

Frankly, though, I must say that I'm wearied by the Katrina coverage and don't have all that much interest in rehashing and revisiting the moment. I'd much rather go about my day as routine and normal. Perhaps it's Katrina coverage fatigue, perhaps it's some deep psychological pain-avoidance thing. Who knows? But, it is what it is. For me, at least. I hope all who need to remember and revisit and rehash find value in it. But, I think, this year, I'm planning to leave myself out of it.

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