Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Blog Banter: JYB's First Golden Bombbelt Award - Con-blogger Bryan Preston has created an award essentially to bestow the charge of treason, if not outright terrorism, on some liberal Bush critic or anti-war exponent. His first awardee is none other than Al Gore. Here's what Bryan concludes with in his post on the subject:

By all rights, by all that is American, Al “Qaeda” Gore should be brought up on charges of treason. He has intentionally given aid and comfort to the enemy. He has nourished their propaganda efforts for years to come. He’s an irresponsible menace, and apparently supports hobbling our government in a time of war. The only way to make any rational sense of his remarks is that he wants us to lose this war.

I don’t have the power to bring charges against Gore, but I can award him the first Golden Bombbelt Award. And Al “Qaeda” Gore, the latest Democrat politician to turn on his country and proclaim the terrorists who beheaded Nick Berg and killed thousands on a sunny fall day “righteous,” deserves it and much, much worse.

He deserves censure, scorn and to be cast into the outer darkness for as long as he lives. For starters.
Now, I can see how conservatives would have a beef with Gore; but is the equation of Gore with an al Qaeda terrorist at all acceptable? I think not. It's no different than making the outlandish claim that the U.S. military abuse at Abu Ghraib is equivalent to Saddam's abusive treatment of people at the same prison. It's no different than equating Bush to Hitler. It's all indecent and unjust. I've had a bit of an exchange with Bryan on his comment board for this post, which you might find interesting to read. But most importantly, I'd be curious as to your opinion on what I consider to be nothing more than an unjust moral equivalence that rightwingers so detest when it comes from the left.

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