Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Lagniappe: Rush Limbaugh Never Spoke More Honestly - In Time Magazine's standard 10 Questions interview section, Rush Limbaugh is featured. In what I guess is an effort to be funny, Rush unwittingly gave perhaps the best advice to his listeners that he has ever given. Now, if we can only count on his listeners to be as fanatically devoted to Rush's wisdom as one suspects them to be. When asked this question about Air America: "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE AL FRANKEN LIBERAL RADIO NETWORK?" Rush replied: "I have not heard them. I do not listen to anybody who does radio. I don't even listen to myself." [Emphasis added.] One can take this any number of ways, but it's a priceless candid statement if I ever saw one! Rush listeners, pay heed to your guru and turn off the Rush Limbaugh show!

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