Thursday, May 13, 2004

Blog Banter: The Kind of Folks Who Visit RightWingNews - I used to have some respect for John Hawkins' site as a hard-line, but respectful conservative blog. But, I wonder if it's not all smoke-and-mirrors -- you know, like David Duke claiming he's not a racist -- ... Now, truthfully, I don't think John Hawkins is the type of conservative that will sanction what you are about to read, but he also has not really come out against these comments on his blog. So, I figured that I'd take a page from Hawkins' own blogger book and post comments on his site like he likes to do on occasion with dialogue coming out of the Democratic Underground comment boards. I'll let you decide what to think of RightWingNews on your own. Keep in mind that the folks speaking in these comments are fairly regular readers and posters on the RightWingNews website. (NOTE: I'm printing this string of comments unedited and as they appeared chronologically and verbatim on the comment board. Out of fairness, I'm not cherry-picking comments like Hawkins does. NOTE 2: Shergald, P_Stick, and Blackman are liberal left-wingers who post to the site. The rest, to my knowledge, are conservative right-wingers.)

UPDATE NOTE: RWN reader sevens takes me to task for not mentioning what the following thread is about. Taking his criticism as a valid point, let me point out right now, if it isn't clear in the context of the discussion board, that the discussion was in response to American Nick Berg's brutal murder and beheading by radical Muslim terrorists. To view the original posting on RWN that generated the discussion, visit here to read the entry Hawkins titles "Arab Street Erupts in Rage Over Beheading Video By Scott Ott," which is posted as a satirical piece. ... That said, with appropriate "context" provided, read the following dialogue and make up your own mind.

These muslims remind me of the jocks at my highschool. They could push you around, call you what ever name they wanted, travled in groups and found the lone geek in the hall to assualt. The moment you said anything back to them, they became enraged at how DARE you insult THEM! They can dish it out all day long, and it's fine, the moment somone else even does a half assed attempt to retaliate, they come unglued and beat you with a baseball bat(yes, that's what they did)for your insolent crime.

Ok, so I have issues with jocks, but this is the same damn attitude that we see here. Flat out, if they did not instigate the majority of the violence, we would not have had the violence. The US, does not bomb or invade people that we like. The US is mostly harmless but has had to be on friendly terms with assholes because the alternitive was worse.

Forgive me if I think that the whole ME should disapear in a radioactive cloud. Forgive me if I want to see the guts of those pig fucking, goat sodamizing bastards spread all over a large blast zone. I could live my whole life without really, really wanting to kill somone, yet these little sand-dick fucks can't go a whole week without the blood of some innocent on their hands.

Do I feel that I am better than them. HELLL FUCKING YES! Do I feel that the US is better than them? GOD DAMN YES! And I don't want to see the wet blanket of liberal equivication thrown on this outrage. KILL THE FUCKS. The Arabs and Muslims have proven time and time again that they can't play well with others. For the sake of this planet, I want a holocost that has never been seen before. I want their fucking MOOOOOSSSLLIM mosqs burnt to the ground, the men hanging from their beards form every telephone pole and fat crows pecking out their eyes. I blame each and every godddam arab/muslim dick for this crime and wish them all a slow and painful death.

Can I make this any more clear?

by useless on 2004-05-12 19:02:29


Blackman asked about the violence potential of extreme right wing Republicans, and I guess his question was answered. Not only useless, but many others seem ready to cut someone's throat in the name of God-fearing religious right Republican Americans and I just hope I'm not around when the bubble breaks because it seems to me that the nearest slimeball traitors who will be targeted are called liberals. Liberals=Arabs=anyone who disagrees with the extreme right wing Republican agenda.

by shergald on 2004-05-12 19:15:28


I don't belive in the white man's god shergald. If it makes you feel any better, this is just how my ancestors felt about you white-skins. I am however, an American and I don't give a rats-fucking-left-nut if you think I am out of pocket, or worse yet "off the reservation". If you have an enemy, it's best to hate him, his children, his friends, his uncle and his third cusion. This is a war, goddamit, a friggin war, not a police action, not a time to "reflect". WAR. You don't spare your enemy an ounce of pitty.

by useless on 2004-05-12 19:22:42



you are a hateful, hateful prat.

why don't you fuck off to Iraq if you are so eager to kill some arabs.

that goes for the rest of you spousing so much shit. why don't you go and do something about it?

Berg was a staunch Bush supporter and followed his beliefs. and to that I take my hat off.

but I wouldn't piss on most of you if you were on fire

by johnson on 2004-05-12 19:47:12


you reserve all your piss for america?

by d_Brit on 2004-05-12 19:58:07


I would not ASK you to piss on anyone if they were on fire. You jello-spined liberals wanna wring your little pasty white hands and wonder about if we are "good" enough to try and win this war on terror. You want to make sure that ony if our cause is noble (and to you, it isn't) then we can try and lift a finger to do something about it. Meanwhile we have a war. You want us to stop and ask about the "feelings" of those arab camel dick sucking swine? THEY are animals. THEY have proven it time and time again. More the the point, they are RABBID animals, and need to be put down.

by useless on 2004-05-12 19:58:21


Oh, and Jhonson, I'll re-enlist and go kill ragheads as soon as you move to some socialist paradise.

by useless on 2004-05-12 20:40:15


I'm guessing we won't see any Conservative outrage over useless' comments.

by P_Stick on 2004-05-12 20:48:02


Was anyone here assigned to this site as part of anger management therapy? If so, I'm afraid it is not working very well for you. Report to your therapist immediately before you hurt somebody.

by shergald on 2004-05-12 20:57:39


Shergald, Im waiting for your cut/paste about Sweden, where the hell is it?

Im in on this one late and I see a lot of baiting and name calling. Too bad it degenerates to that.

Anyway, conservatives are right and liberals are wrong. There; simple, concise, factual. Wasnt that easy?

by BlackCopterAbductee on 2004-05-12 21:38:51


pstick why don't you analyze WHY useless FEELS the way he does - isn't that your usual M.O.?

by texascatbacker on 2004-05-12 21:56:57



useless' comments were over the top. their extremeness pales however next to liberal equivalence of american abuse with berg's beheading. THAT is truely obscene.

by d_Brit on 2004-05-12 22:01:47


Liberals continue to cry.

shergald: "Not only useless, but many others seem ready to cut someone's throat in the name of God-fearing religious right Republican Americans"

Cut a terrorists throat, hell yes. Personally, I'd rather shoot them in the head, since I'm kind of lazy when it comes to animals.

Johnson, I'm not going to re-post what you said, but you're not being very nice. As I recall, you're that sensitive, abnoxious little fellow who thinks I have a "perverted curiosty". I think you need a time out. And I would actually prefer it if you did not "piss on most of you if you were on fire". I would rather you throw a bucket of water on me. Of course, that might endanger the fish that swim in it, so I guess I can't count on that.

P_Stick came out with this: "I'm guessing we won't see any Conservative outrage over useless' comments."

I don't appreciate useless' comments regarding Arabs/Muslims, but I agree with the basis of his argument and can easily see where the anger comes from. As for your crowd, I don't appreciate the comments you make about this country or us religious folk, so I'm more concerned with you.

Shortly after the 9-11 terrorist attacks, I was talking to my father, who is even farther right than I am. He said then that liberals wouldn't understand the danger of terrorism until they wiped out two major liberal cities. I thought he was crazy at the time. In the two years since then, I've learned how wise he was.

By the way, last I checked, Ted Kennedy's car had killed more people than the guards at Abu Ghraib.

by Schroman2002 on 2004-05-12 22:27:39


my government schooling taught me that minorities, such as that of which useless is a part, were more than welcome to go on using racial epithets...i cannot find him at fault here

tounge-in-cheek, and yet dead serious at the same time - lay off useless - he may be pissed, but y'all (shergald, pstick, johnson - who the fuck is this johnson guy?) have used the same exact logic in "feeling" for all other minorities and allowing them to behave in whatever fashion they will for 20 years, because they are of minority status

you owe useless the same, or you're hypocrites - you pick

by texascatbacker on 2004-05-12 22:38:25


Hey, I haven't seen USELESS cut a KIDS head off...

Normally in a situation such as we have on this sight I'd say - "we all need to calm down" - but no, not now... I'm just as pissed as the day 3,000 of my fellow citizens as well as from 90 other countries were murdered. You seem to think because we have anger toward Arabs and Muslims in particular, that that will lead to having anger toward anyone who doesn't agree with us... no, that's frustration. I haven't seen a lib cut a kids head off either - I have seen Arabs and Muslins do it on a number of occasions. We understand the difference - and we always will. We just wish some of you would wise up and realize what you've seen (If you even had the nerve to watch it in the first place)... it will change your life. It should open your eyes since apparently 9/11 meant nothing more than a grief holiday for a couple of weeks, when all the liberals had to fall in line with the rest of the countries outrage and anger - then it was back to hating America and everything it stands for.

If I smacked you, would you try to defend yourself or would you beg me not to kick your ass? What if I smacked you around for centuries? Would you get to the point when you say enough is enough? We've been smacked around enough - to the point where some of you don't even care that a kid got his head cut off. You see it as an opportunity to once again morally equivalate and degrade America. Those on the right have had enough. It's time for the utter destruction of these terrorist and "peace loving" Muslims/Arabs.

by sevens on 2004-05-12 23:57:18



"This just in: it was suggested by someone in the here at work for that the kid might have been Jewish? Does anyone know if this is accurate?"

Berg is also a Scandinavian name. It doesn't really matter; he was American and a civilian. I don't care if he was a purple Satanist, he was one of us.

Personally, I believe that the President should have let the Marines retake Fallujah two weeks ago. Go in with heavy armor & C-130’s and level anything that houses an insurgent.

by Bildo on 2004-05-13 00:11:17


Look, guys, my point of view is simple: If this latest round of "justice" from the islamofacists does not clue you into the reality that these are animals that need to be put down, I just don't know what will. We did not ask our fighting men of WW2 to try and understand the japs. We asked them to kill them. We did not ask our men in ANY war to "understand" the enemy. But in this war, we are. In fact we are not only being fed a line of moral equivication, we are also being told that WE are just as bad or worse than THEY are. As if our troops should do the world a favor and start shooting their officers, that would make the libs happy.

I have heard murderer's, rapists, and all manner of criminals tell me reasons, that their actions were clearly justified. And I would say the same thing to you all. That guy, that chopped up and killed little kids, yea, I'd pull the lever and and his life, gladly. That serial rapist, yes, I would tap a veign and put him out of societies misery. If I was on a jurry, and had to vote death penalty for some dick who deserved it, damn right I would. And I wouldn't loose a minute of sleep either.

Indians, we were warriors. We did far, far worse things to eachother before there were whites. Then we started doing it to whites, and look where it got us. Some of our people knew that it was time to change their ways and forced those changes, or face extermination. We NEED the these raghead fucks to be confronted with the EXACT same situation. Change or die. Learn to live with the reality of a changing world, or die. Adapt or die. Figure out that your religion is a religion of lies and villany. Decide to take care of your own before there none of you left to take care of cuz brother, I hope to god we come gunning for your sick assess.

So, until they can learn to exist with other humans on this planet, then they must learn the lesson of the fruits of their psychotic labors. If these fucks are not the embodyment of what Satanism means, I don't know what it is then. They are an evil infection that should be obliterated. If you are a liberal, and these words hurt your silly little feelings, ask your self what wars were ever won by guys that "felt" for their enemy. NONE.

by useless on 2004-05-13 02:09:38


I think I read this last post somewhere else, possibly in the writings of Goebbel who spoke about the Jews of Europe in similar terms during the 1930s. They used animal images as well to characterize Jews, posters of rats and other vermin. The idea was to dehumanize them which later made it possible for average people like us to operate the extermination machine. You say there is a difference between us and them. I don't think so. There was wide support for lynching of blacks in the south by average people which continued until not too long ago; there was wide support for interment of Japanese citizens during the WWII; and there seems to be wide support for jailing of ' Islamists,' as somebody put it, now. 'We have faced the enemy, and it is us,' said pogo. Let's stop thinking we are something special. We are all human beings and capable of the best and the worst of our kind.

by Blackman on 2004-05-13 10:18:43


"Let's stop thinking we are something special. We are all human beings and capable of the best and the worst of our kind."

Nice moral equivalence you got there. We are all bad, we are all good, so it's all good, right? You forgot something, though. The Jews in Germany and the blacks in America were not the birthing ground for vicious animals that targeted civilians for slaughter, and they did not torture and execute too many people because they were trying to rebuild a country. You can try to take the fact that these murdering scumbags are Muslims out of the equation all you want, but it just will not disappear. You can try to dismiss the fact that just about every war going on right now (with the exception of the actions in South America) has Muslims involved as a belligerent force, but that little fact will not go away, either. No shit, not all Muslims are like this, but then again, not all Germans were Nazis, either. We sure had to kill an awful lot of them, though, to end that madness. The real question is, how many Muslims like this will it take for them to gain more power in Muslim lands, until we are faced with a WWII situation (AKA WWIII). If we could've stopped the Nazis in the early to mid 30's with a preemptive war, should we have? If you have to really think about the answer to that question, then you need your moral barometer checked.

by sabiticus on 2004-05-13 10:39:07


Last poster: a perfect description of the catastrophic results the Iraq invasion is having on world peace. Every week, we are hearing news of terrorist attacks, not just in Iraq, but in numerous countries. One quarter of the world's population is Islamic. These terrorists undoubtedly account for a fraction of a percent of them. Yet, we are seeing this 'war president' stimulating sentiments that we are at war with Islam. Bush has engaged in the most disasterous foreign policy of any president ever and as a consequence, has made the world less safe, and inspired followers such as persons on this site, to talk about 'the war.' Indeed, after two plus years of this war against terror Al Qaeda remains a viable organization that is still a threat here in America.

Unless one believes that all of the 'sand niggers' deserve to be held responsible for 9/11, then there is a moral equivalence here, as most Islamic people do not support Al Qaeda. That there is antiAmerican sentiment in the Islamic world is understandable since they have been watching Israeli mistreatment of Arabs in the westbank for decades, something tacitly supported by America. This conflict has been a symbol of America's attitude toward Arabic and Islamic peoples for generations and needs to be resolved. Even here, Bush has now gone ahead for political reasons and screwed up again.

by Blackman on 2004-05-13 11:21:25


--Sabiticus, you must have missed my post on blackman. To paraphrase: don't bother trying to have reasonale discourse with him. He is a pig in mud and if you wrestle with him, it will get you no where, but he will enjoy it. He is also a flaming moron.

--Useless, thanks for your comments... you spoke for lots and lots and lots of us.

by Devil_Dog on 2004-05-13 11:22:29


PS: Jew in Germany and Blacks in America were not the birthing ground for vicious animals? Really? I gather that you probably have never seen pictures of bodies of Jews heaped in piles around the extermination camps or of mob-lynched blacks hanging from trees in the south. Take a look then come back and give us your impression.

by Blackman on 2004-05-13 11:29:38


blackman's comment says it all,

"You say there is a difference between us and them. I don't think so."

In making the comment, blackman has unwittingly revealed the truth about himself, seeing no real difference between himself and terrorists because it's ALL subjectively relative.

He hasn't a clue as to what that says about him.

by d_Brit on 2004-05-13 11:40:17


Useless doesn't speak for me, although I do understand his rage. I don't consider Arabs "ragheads" and I don't hold the arab ethnic group responsible for the evil of some people who happen to be Arabs. Nor do I hold to blackman's term "sand niggers" because both are equally reprehensible and pointless. I don't want to butcher every person with a robe on, and I don't want to nuke any middle east cities. I want the Arab people to be happy, wealthy, healthy, and comfortable like me.

That's the difference between the US and the extremists over there. They want us dead or cowering at their feet. We want them standing tall and living free, as brothers and friends. We want them to experience the joy of liberty and prosperity that we have every day. They want us to be destroyed and crushed beneath their hatred.

I want the men responsible for terrorist acts dead. I want the ones who supported these acts held to justice and removed from power. I want the people who live in those areas to see the price for evil acts and to see that there's no future in them. I hold the ones responsible in contempt and want them brought to justice.

by Christopher_Taylor on 2004-05-13 11:41:30

Any comments on the comments? Let's hear them.

UPDATE: The full thread of this comment board can be accessed here, if you want to see how the thread started, how it degenerated, and where it is now. Make up your own mind.

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