Wednesday, December 05, 2012

War on Christmas?

John Stewart, in typical masterly fashion, just skewers the Christian Christmas Jihadists at Fox News in their annual "War on Christmas" outrage:

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The War on Christmas: Friendly Fire Edition
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I made somewhat similar points back in 2009 in response to a "War on Christmas" poem I received by email. But Stewart's segment is so immensely superior in driving home the absurdity of the "War on Christmas" meme, that I just had to share it. One of my favorite lines: "Christmas is so big now, it's eating other holidays."


Anonymous said...

I still hold to the same feelings I had back in 2009 when you posted about it:

Twas the week before Christmas and all over the 'net,
Neither Christians nor secularists showed an ounce of regret,

For their constant bickering which had taken away,
The spirit of Christmas, a most fantabulous day.

The children were shielded from both TV and screen,
Lest before their innocent eyes should be seen,

A nation of Grinches on both sides throughought,
Who leave sane people chained to a lingering doubt,

That Americans are capable of letting anything slide,
If they find it offensive they will not abide,

For fear of losing who the hell knows what?
If either side had an inkling, I bet they forgot.

So air out your greivances but I ain't gonna bite,
I'm having a Merry Christmas while you morons fight.

Huck said...

Eric - I did read your poem again as I was writing up this one and referring to my old posts on the subject; and I still think your poem is a little bit of genius. If that's an Eric Original, you should consider writing more poetry because you are damn good and creative at it!

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